The University of Arizona

University of Arizona High School Honor Band


January 11, 12, & 13, 2018

January 11

5:00pm - 6:00pm Registration / Placement-Only Auditions

January 12

9:00am - 9:00pm

January 13

9:00am - 5:00pm

Deadline to apply is:
Monday, December 4th 10:00 a.m. MST


  • Masterclass with the UA faculty
  • Faculty Concert
  • Full ensemble rehearsals
  • Concert in Crowder Hall
  • Recording of concert performance
  • Fred Fox School of Music orientation
  • Pizza party with the "Pride of Arizona" Pep Band
  • Dr. Chad R. Nicholson, director, Prof. Chad Shoopman, guest conductor

Process for Selection to the School Honor Band

The following lists the order of operations for determining the personnel in the UA High School Honor Band. Please note that these guidelines serve as a foundation for selection, but the final instrumentation is dependent upon the needs of the music as established by the guest conductor along with UA Director of Bands.

Note: Director comments are a very important part to the overall selection process. We urge all directors who nominate student to give comments on student’s playing abilities and commitment to their musical experiences.
1. Year in school in combination with director comments: Seniors and Juniors are given priority, and director comments contain critical information that assists the process. Sophomores and Freshman are considered after qualified Juniors and Seniors with strong director comments have been utilized to balance sectional needs. We urge the directors to rank the students based on their strengths. While this is not a requirement, this information will absolutely guide the selection process for the honor band.
2. Past ensemble/awards received outside of the school that they attend. For example: Arizona All-State Band/Orchestra, Arizona Regional Honor Band/Orchestra, Arizona Solo and Ensemble, Past years in UA High School Honor Band or other honor bands.
3.  Years playing: Number of years the student has been playing their instrument from when they started to present day.
Once pre-screening has been completed:
Students will receive an email confirming selection to the honor band. Attached to that email, there will be a commitment form that the students and parents/guardians will sign. The commitment form confirms that the student will be attending the honor band.

This commitment form has a two-week deadline once the student/parents have been notified on placement in the honor band. Once the two-week mark has passed with no returned commitment form, alternates or those who sent applications after the deadline will be placed in the group.  Students who do not confirm within the given time frame risk being replaced by alternates.

All students participating in the honor band will pay a $30 participation fee.
Payment for the honor band will be taken on the day of check-in. Please make checks or money orders  (no cash or credit/debit cards) payable to:
“University of Arizona” with the memo reading your student’s name and Honor Band.

Placement Auditions
All students will perform a chair placement audition the first night of the event
Students will follow the link:
Scroll down to the Audition section. There students will find the audition materials that they should prepare for the placement audition that happens on the evening of the first day. These auditions are strictly for placement. Once you have passed the pre-screening process and completed the commitment form, students are guaranteed to be in the honor band and are expected to pay the fee, attend the event, and perform the audition.


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