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U of A Outreach Honor Band

Audition Information

Auditions for Fall 2017: Saturday, September 9, 2017.

For fall semester, you must Register Online by Thursday, September 7, 2017 to audition for the group.

Auditions for Spring 2018: Saturday, February 10, 2018.

For spring semester, you must Register Online by Thursday, February 8, 2018 to audition for the group.

Important Steps

  1. Download the 2017-2018 Schedule. All members must make sure that they can attend our rehearsals, the dress rehearsal, and the concert. We typically have 11-12 rehearsals to prepare for the concert, so members may not miss more than two rehearsals.
  2. Register Online. All interested students (new and returning) must apply online. After you apply, you will receive verification, information, and will then be emailed audition details.
  3. Prepare for the following for your audition: scales (chosen from Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A, and chromatic on your instrument, not transposed), a solo of your choice (approximately 30 seconds in length), and sightreading. Practice all these before the audition date. Placement in the group is contingent upon a successful audition and instrumentation need of the group.
  4. If you make the group, please arrive at the first rehearsal with a check or money order, made out to "The University of Arizona" for the appropriate tuition amount. Also, bring your instrument and a pencil. Music will be provided when you arrive.
  5. The University of Arizona has adopted a new policy for campus activities involving minors, and each program at the U of A that works with non-enrolled students under the age of 18 must follow this new policy. Please read and sign these forms, which contain a one-on-one policy, image release, and behavioral expectations. These are due no later than our third rehearsal.

Participation Fees

Fees are due at the first rehearsal of each semester during check-in (NOT during the auditions). Families may pay by check or money order (made out to "The University of Arizona"). Fees are due at the first rehearsal during check-in. We cannot handle credit card payments.





All rehearsals and concerts are located in the University of Arizona's Fred Fox School of Music, which is on the southeast corner of Speedway Blvd. and Park Ave. The physical address is: 1017 N. Olive, Tucson, AZ 85721. We rehearse in room 170 of the Fred Fox School of Music, which is on the ground floor at the southwest side of the building.

If you are parking your car, the best place is in the Park Parking Garage located just north of the Speedway and Park intersection (off of Park Ave, directly behind the 7-Eleven Store). Parking is free in the garage on the weekends. There are also many metered spots on the side streets throughout campus. Please observe signs posted regarding parking restrictions and do not park at any local businesses near the Fred Fox School of Music.

History and Purpose

The Outreach Honor Band was formed in the fall of 1993. The group services public and private school music programs in the extended Tucson metropolitan area. Membership is open to advanced instrumental and percussion students in 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grades.

Repertoire is selected to challenge the members on a number of levels. Pieces by leading composers for young band are selected for rehearsal and performance.

Rehearsals are quite rigorous, fast-paced, and enjoyable. Discussion about the pieces of music and their historical context are central to the preparation process. The coordinator, conductors, and staff help the members recognize and identify multiple approaches to practicing the music. Each rehearsal, students sit side-by-side with university musicians who guide students on their instruments and technique.

Rehearsals are held in Room 170 of the Fred Fox School of Music and performances are in Crowder Hall, giving students a feel for the university setting and an opportunity to play in the performance home of the University Wind Ensemble and the University Orchestra.

Get More Information

For questions or more information, please contact the Coordinator of Outreach Activities for the School of Music and Director of the Outreach Honor Band, Dr. Karin K. Nolan.

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The Outreach Honor Band is sponsored by the University of Arizona Department of Music Education and by the UA Bands.